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About Us

As a curly hair girl, our founder, Sakshi, was an avid reader of articles that called attention to everything curly hair care—from regimes to products. As someone who usually came across topical product recommendations or rituals (think hair oiling or champi and leave-in treatments) to improve the manageability quality of the hair, Sakshi was surprised when she was first exposed to mulberry silk and the diverse benefits that the fabric boasted. The unique and expert-approved solution (mulberry silk pillowcases) to curtail frizz and damage piqued her interest, and she quickly invested in the product herself. What was next? She observed an evident difference in how her skin and hair left when she welcomed these luxurious bedding assets. Her congenial experience with silk pillowcases and the rising demand for luxury in India, combined, ignited the spark of Sunday Forever—after all, why should the feeling of self-care and sumptuousness be limited to just one day of the week?  

Sakshi and Nidhi, her sister-in-law, commenced the journey of Sunday Forever during the lockdown as the indulgence in self-care took center stage. After researching, sampling, and reviewing for months, the two finally launched Sunday Forever in February 2022. The silk bedding and accessory market is a booming niche, but we wanted to know if there is a way to improve the quality. And thus, they decided to source their raw material from a region in China that pioneered the infusion of mulberry silk in lifestyle products about 4000 years ago. The mulberry silk from that region allows us to provide a 6A grade of silk over the 3A grade of silk commonly available in India. The co-founders take pride in the quality of their silken products, which are entirely lab-tested. Plus, all the silk rearing occurs under controlled conditions, where the climate is conducive to the best quality silk.

From bedding wear to accessories and loungewear, we have a full-fledged range of products that let you unwind and wallow in silken goodness. From enticing color options, our well-crafted, lab-tested, and premium-quality products also make for the best gifts for your loved ones.

So, don’t sleep on the benefits of silk; sleep on silk—it’s that simple :)


Questions for Sakshi & Nidhi  

Your definition of luxury in one word ...

Sakshi - Quality

Nidhi - Comfort

You love silk because ...

Sakshi - It works for my curly frizzy hair and feels like sleeping on a cloud. It has also reduced the occurrence of acne for me. 

Nidhi - It is incredible for your skin & hair, and it has dramatically reduced hair fall and breakage for my fine thin hair. It also does not dry my skin like cotton because I like sleeping on my sides. 

Beauty for you is ...

Sakshi - from within. What you think is what you are. 

Nidhi - having confidence & believing in yourself.  

Your favorite skincare product is ...

Sakshi - Just one? That’s tough. Biologique Recherche Masque Vivant if had to pick. 

Nidhi - For winters - Embroyolisse face cream

For summers - a water-based gel moisturizer. Origins Ginzing or Clinique moisture surge  

The one Sunday Forever product always around you is ...

Sakshi - Our pillowcase. Sleeping on it feels like a dream, and I travel with it. 

Nidhi - The moyen scrunchie around my wrist so I can tie my hair up anytime.

A superfood you absolutely love is ...

Sakshi - Water! Haha, kidding, but water is the answer to most problems. Otherwise, avocado!

Nidhi - Berries  

One beauty tip that you swear by ...

Sakshi - Never skip the sunscreen and hydrate hydrate hydrate.

Nidhi - Always wear sunscreen & use a good moisturizer on your skin.