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About Us

Our pieces are carefully crafted to elevate your daily essentials. Sunday Forever is the ultimate luxury you can possess. 

Sunday forever started with a curly haired girl trying to tame her frizziness. While she loved her curls, she would wish they were easier to handle. And if she ever got a blowout, she'd hope for it to last longer. And thus began the searches on how to maintain curly frizzy hair. She stumbled upon an unexpected solution. Sleeping on silk. Always enthralled by the unconventional, she decided to give it a try. It is safe to say, it changed her life. 

Sunday Forever is a brand that provides you with the best in class silk products that take care of your skin and hair needs. All you need to do is sleep. The aim is to provide a quality product in a way that is more accessible because beauty should be accessible to all.

This is an investment that will work for you no matter your skin or hair type or age. It is a gender inclusive product which has long term benefits ensuring you do minimal work while the product works for you. You spend 1/3rd of your life in bed. Why not spend on making that experience the best you can have.

Why is our product better?

The hunt for the best silk fabric ended in a region that has over a 4000 year history in quality silk rearing. The manufacturers have years of experience in silk and silk products. They breed silkworms under the most ideal conditions and regulate their feed on the best quality mulberry trees to give the best possible silk fiber. The yarn is dyed as opposed to fabric being dyed which ensures long lasting colour and shine. We provide products from 16 momme to 30 momme on request. And for a large order we can customize colour and embroidery from a 56 shade colour card.

Sunday Forever makes everyday living a grander experience. What we are trying to convey is a feeling of serene luxury. We want you to take added pleasure in your daily routine. Sunday Forever is a feeling. It is a place where you indulge in the finer things in life. It is self care elevated to its best.

How Silk Benefits You
How Silk Benefits You



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