You probably sleep on cotton. 1000 thread count? Did you know what's better than that? Our 22 momme silk pillowcases. 

Silk has been used in China for centuries as bedding. It was only reserved for the royals but then as the secret became known, it caught on quickly. Now it is used by models and actresses and recommended by dermatologists, makeup artists and hair dressers. So let's dive into the why. 

- Cotton is more absorbent than silk. Which means it can wick moisture off your skin making it dry. All the expensive skincare you apply is eaten up by your cotton pillowcase. It doesn't allow your skincare to work on your skin. 

- Do you wake up with sleep creases in the morning when you sleep on the side of your face? These over time get ironed in and lead to fine lines and wrinkles. 

- Cotton can increase the occurrence of acne. As the bacteria and gunk is absorbed by cotton, it spreads across your face adding to your woes. 

- Silk is hypoallergenic which wont lead to any irritation and flare ups. 

That's just the benefits for your skin. Now let's move on to hair

- Cotton wicks the moisture from your hair making it frizzy and dry. It does not lead to static keeping your hair style in place. 

- Silk helps your hair glide across not messing it up and evenly distributes the oils in your hair which does not make your scalp oily. This makes your blow outs last longer. 

We could go on with writing benefits. But most of all, the feeling on sleeping on silk is something you cannot describe. Just experience. #ExperienceSundayForever