As founders, Nidhi and I both are particular about quality over quantity. We as consumers make sure we use the best. And so we went out of the way to procure the best quality of silk you could possibly find. We tested out various products and qualities. After 3 years of using these, we know what really held the test of time. We have made our friends and family do the blind test with our fabric or asked them which looks and feels better without telling them which is which and have always won. We have bought and used 25 momme pillowcases and still our 22 momme ones have stood out. Our fabric is lab tested and vetted by leading dermatologists, hair dresses and makeup artists.

I tell you this because it makes me proud that we went out of the way to get the best quality you can sleep on.

Now getting to the fabric. It is 6A grade, long thread charmeuse weave. At our facility, the fibre is produced under controlled conditions where the silk worm feeds on quality mulberry trees under controlled climatic conditions. This ensures a consistent quality of fibre.

While we highly recommend sleeping on silk, we also highly recommend sleeping on Sunday Forever silk. We have been told "we cannot go back" or "my husband took my pillowcase" among other things.

#ExperienceSundayForever and tell us how it was.